Tuesday, January 28, 1997

Pregnancy Journal...#1

For the past couple of weeks, I "thought" I felt the baby move inside me, however, today I really felt the baby move!!  Oh what a wonderful feeling!  I'm so excited!  Last night, the Lord reminded me of my accident I was in when i was 16.  I had a broken leg, at the hospital, they did a lot of x-rays on me.  A couple of the nurses told me that I may never be able to have a child because of all the x-rays.  i didn't think much of it then.  A couple of years ago (1995) in the spring, our church had a hispanic minister (who didn't speak english...just broken english).  He asked me if I was wanting a child.  Of course I said yes.  He prayed for me and told me (as best he could) that it wasn't my fault I couldn't have a baby.  The Lord healed me that day!  Kevin and i didn't start trying to have a child until June 1996,  It only took 3 months (well really 2.5 months).  I then realized that this child is a miracle from God!  Had the Lord not healed me, I would not be expecting in June 1997!

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