Sunday, March 30, 1997

8th Month

30" long; 21 pounds
You scoot around on your stomach now.  You like to jump up and down in the Super Saucer.  you can wave "hi" and "bye".  You went to Trader's World (Flea Market) and slept the whole time.  You have begun to play shy and cry whenever mommy and daddy leave for a few minutes, (however, you don't cry when I drop you off at the babysitter's house in the morning).  You got another hair cut, it made you look a lot older.  And boy do you laugh!  Daddy started looking for a new job.  (not hard, but working with a headhunter)  You had to get your left eye "probed".  You've had a problem with your eye matting up since you were born.  The Dr. said that there was a blockage in your tear duct.  When he examined you, he told us you had 20/20 vision.

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