Friday, May 30, 1997

10 Months

29 1/4" long; 19 pounds
You will eat anything mommy and daddy eats.  You crawl all over and pull yourself up to your feet to stand.  you walk (or run) with help.  You can get to a sitting position from your stomach.  you had the chicken pox!  Oh what fun, mommy got to stay home with you!  You say duck very plainly!  you have a new babysitter (your other one moved away).  You play with cars!

Sunday, May 18, 1997

Pregnancy Journal...#1

Well, I had the glucose screening done.  My level of sugar was a little high, so I had to go to the lab to have a 3 hour test done (Kevin went with me).  It took all morning!  Kevin went to work afterward, I stayed home the rest of the day and slept.  About 1 week after the glucose screening, I started getting sharp pains in my upper back.  One attack got so bad that I went home from work.  The attach made me sick.  Kevin was so worried, he called Dr. Guy.  He said that he thought it was gall stones.  He also told me to come in the next morning so he could do an ultrasound on my gall bladder.  He saw something in my gall bladder and he said that he hoped that I would be able to pass them.  He gave me a prescription for Tylenol 3 (with codine) to take for the pain.  I had only a small attack since.  I also need to stay away from greasy foods.  The doctor has me coming in every 3 weeks now, after my next visit, I will be going every week!

I feel so rushed right now.  Since there isn't much time left, we purchased a crib (which wil convert to a toddler bed), a play pen, a changing table, a looney toons diaper bag, a carrier and a few small items.  My mom has bought us a comforter (Looney Toons babies), a bumper pad, a small (baby Looney Toons) diaper bag, a thing of playtex nurser bottles, bags to go with the bottles.  Kevin's mom bought a car seat, a thing of playtex nurser bottles, and small toys.  A lot of this was bought at the Evenflo sale.  Boy was that something...take about 100 pregnant women and put them all in the same building...that alone is bad, but on to p of that there's not a whole lot of certain products, first come first serve.  Don't ever want to do that again!!!