Sunday, June 1, 1997

Pregnancy Journal...#1

Kevin's cousin wanted to throw a baby shower for us since Kevin didn't have any sisters.  Since Debbie wanted to throw me a shower also, I decided to break them Kevin's cousin's house I invited Kevin's side of the family and friends.  I will invite my side of the family and church friends to the other one. 

My first shower (Kevin's cousin's house) was today at 2 pm.  They started by playing games...The first game they had me stand up and turn around so everyone could see how big I was.  Then they passed around a string and everyone cut a piece of string to see who could get the closest to the actual size of my waist.  How embarrassing!!  Some of the strings could have went around me at least 2 times!  My friend from HS won!  The 2nd game they played, they brought out a clothes line with clothes on it.  (You could tell everyone was trying to remember what was on the clothes line)  They then asked everyone to guess how long the line was (12'8").  Quite comical when everyone realized they weren't going to be writing down' everything hanging on the line!  I got many many see them you will have to look in the baby book.

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