Thursday, July 3, 1997

Pregnancy Journal...#1

I've been off work since last week.  Mom came over on Tuesday (July 1) and took me to the doctors office and helped me get the baby's rooms et up.  Today I've felt a little pain in my stomach.  it's not too bad, but I don't know if this is labor or not.  I called Kevin...actually paged him (he's golfing tonight).  I told him not to take too long and come home right after he's done golfing.

Pains are getting harder.  We decided to go to the hospital around 6pm.  So we called my mom and Kevin's mom to let them know we were heading to the hospital.  When we got there, the nurse checked me out and said that my contractions weren't strong enough to stay.  She suggest we walk for an hour and get checked again.  So we did, still not enough!  The nurse gave me some sleeping pills and told me if this was Braxton Hicks, these pills would stop the contractions.  I don't understand why they did that, because I'm already a week late.  By the time my mom and Kevin's mom go to the hospital, we were on our way out.  Kevin's mom told us not to call her until we were admitted to the hospital.  We went home.  About 10pm or so (we got home at about 8:30-9:00) the contractions were getting pretty bad.  I wasn't able to sleep (even though I had taken those sleeping pills).  Oh, I forgot they did give me the option of being induced when I was there, but I really didn't want  to be induced since I've been told that when your induced, your labor is harder.

Kevin and I decided to go back to the hospital.  Before we left, Kevin called my mom to let her know we were heading back to the hospital.  When I got there they checked my cervix again and asked me if I wanted to be induced since my doctor wasn't going to be on call (he would be on vacation).  I said that I really didn't want to do that, so the nurse gave me a shot for pain and sent me home again.  (by this time I was beginning to feel stupid because they kept sending me home).  We met my mom and sister at the front door.  They decided to stay overnight at our place.

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