Friday, July 4, 1997

Pregnancy Journal...#1

We all laid down to go to sleep about 5:00am.  I actually was able to sleep for 1 hour.  By 6:00am, I was up.  Contractions were coming every 5-7 minutes (mom was timing) Kevin got up around 10:00am.  Deb, mom, "Ag2", and I went for a walk up to the IGA in the afternoon to get some popsicles and food.  When we got back Deb and I played cards for awhile.  Mom and Kevin took a nap and watched TV.  Later, Deb and "Ag2" took a nap while mom timed.  Around 6:00pm, we headed back to the hospital.  They checked my cervix and my water broke.  They gave me a shot of Nubian as soon as I got in my room and they ran an IV into my arm.  they ended up giving me another shot of Nubian until the anesthesiologist could come and give me an epidural (I ended up getting 3 doses of that before it was all over with).  I had a wonderful nurse who stuck beside me throughout the whole time I was in Labor.  At one point the only people awake in the room were me and the nurse.  Kevin, my mom, and Kevin's mom were all sleeping in the room and Debbie and "Ag2" were sleeping in the waiting room.

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