Wednesday, February 9, 2000

Pregnancy Journal...#2

I went to the doctor's office.  I had a pap-smear done, blood tests, and an ultrasound (not to mention a full physical).  I got to see the baby's heart beat.  I've been a little scared since I was spotting a little.  The doctor said that there's nothing to worry about since we saw the baby's heart beat.  Do you know how hard it is not to worry??  Especially since this didn't happen with "M"!  I've been feeling pretty nauseated lately.  I know that feeling nauseated is a good thing since it means the hormones are doing their job.  It's hard to do things when you don't feel good.  At least I'm not getting sick.  My mood swings are out of control at times.  I'm always hungry.  I feel like I'm eating all the time.  Oh, when I went to the doctor, I got about 4-5 pictures from the ultrasound!  now I need to do is get a baby book.