Wednesday, July 5, 2000

3rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday "M"!  It's hard to believe you are 3!  Grandma S's daddy and mommy celebrated your birthday with you yesterday.  We went to the Denver Museum of Natural History to see the dinosaurs.  You really loved looking at them.  When we came home, you took a nap and Grandma and mommy decorated the kitchen while daddy made ice cream.  you got so much stuff!   You kept telling daddy that he is going to take you fishing and golfing.  Daddy had been looking at fishing poles for you.  We were watching TV and a commercial for Disney (not sure if it was land or world), came on, you asked mommy if you could go, she said that you had to save some money and maybe someday we would go, you turned around and said, "Grandpa take me."

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