Saturday, August 27, 2005


Well, sort of! I got some Naselcrom tonight...took my 1st dose and I could feel it working! I got a little relief! I'm sure with more uses I'll get more relief from these nasty allergies!! I used to use this stuff years ago and it worked really well. My plan is if I do end up going to the doctor for allergies to ask about the nasal spray type. Those seem to work the best for me. At one time I was on Patanol, Allegra, and Nasenex. As long as I had Nasenex, I was fine, but when I ran out of Nasenex, nothing else the Allegra didn't do anything for me. My sister was on Zyrtec at one point (I think she still is, but I'm not sure) and told me that worked well with her and her allergies and asthma. I also want to go in soon (well, when we have the extra money) to get checked out for asthma. I've had signs of it before and my sister was diagnosed with it a couple years ago. When I went in at one time for the doctor to check it out, she didn't do a thing, just said "Nope, you don't have it" without any tests! (I'm guessing that's not the way it should have been done...not that I want asthma, but if I do have it, I want to be prepared...KWIM?)

Earlier today (when we got back and started unloading the desk...THANKS RHEANNAH), my hips went out. Man did that hurt! We have have the desk upstairs and the other half downstairs. We need to wait until my back is a bit better before taking the rest of it down. Anyway, it hurt to stand, sit, and lay down. Eventually I got into a comfortable position...comfortable enough to take a nap...and slept for an hour or 2. After my nap, I got up and moved around a bit and it seems to have gone back into place, but my back is still hurting a bit. I hate when this happens!! I know it will get better the more I move around, but it hurts to move!

Friday, August 26, 2005


Stuffy Head...Runny nose...watery eyes...sneezing...pain...

Oh the agony!! That's me right now!! My allergies are in full force and it stinks (not that I can breath through my nose right now)!!

I went to my medicine cabinet (well, not really a cabinet, it's basically a basket full of meds that I can't find a place for right now sitting on my dresser in my room) and found Alevert. I thought "Oh wow, that worked before...maybe I can use this" So I called the Pharmacy and asked them about it when nursing...she said I can't take a Antihistamine while nursing because it will dry up my milk!! HUH?? That's not good, but what am I supposed to do for relief?? She said that I have 2 options...1) Try the OTC Naselcrom or 2) go to the doctor and get a prescription!

Well, since money is tight at this moment in time and insurance will be changing in the next couple of days, I guess we'll try the Naselcrom! Hopefully that will work!

Anyone else have an idea of a relief for me? One that's safe while nursing??