Friday, August 26, 2005


Stuffy Head...Runny nose...watery eyes...sneezing...pain...

Oh the agony!! That's me right now!! My allergies are in full force and it stinks (not that I can breath through my nose right now)!!

I went to my medicine cabinet (well, not really a cabinet, it's basically a basket full of meds that I can't find a place for right now sitting on my dresser in my room) and found Alevert. I thought "Oh wow, that worked before...maybe I can use this" So I called the Pharmacy and asked them about it when nursing...she said I can't take a Antihistamine while nursing because it will dry up my milk!! HUH?? That's not good, but what am I supposed to do for relief?? She said that I have 2 options...1) Try the OTC Naselcrom or 2) go to the doctor and get a prescription!

Well, since money is tight at this moment in time and insurance will be changing in the next couple of days, I guess we'll try the Naselcrom! Hopefully that will work!

Anyone else have an idea of a relief for me? One that's safe while nursing??

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