Monday, September 5, 2005

Works For Me Wednesday

Every Wednesday Rocks In My Dryer hosts a "Works For Me Wednesday".  Today is my first time doing this.  The theme this week is Brand Loyal.

So here are a few things I am Loyal to!

1.  Miracle Whip...I can't stand Mayonnaise!

2.  Luvs...all 4 of my boys have broke out in rashes with generic diapers.  We've tried Huggies, but they've leaked every time we used them.  Pampers is good, but expensive.  So Luvs works for us!

3.  Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes...the only wipes that my boys don't scream when I use them!

4.  Bounty Paper Towels...everything else doesn't work well for us.

5.  Tidy Cat Litter...we've tried many other brands, but it seems that Tidy Cat is the only litter that seems to keep the smell down!

6.  Tide with Febreze...My towels smelled musty before I started using this!  It's great!!

7.  Febreze...I love this product!  I usually spay down the carpets, and furniture before getting any company and it makes my house smell so clean!

Most other things, I can do generic.

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