Monday, February 13, 2006


I'm so excited!! It was decided last night that we are going on vacation this summer!! YEAH! Kevin and I don't go on vacations very often...we've went 2 times since being married and they have been with family. This one is with my family too!

My sister and her family (there are 6 of them total), my sister's friend and her daughters (3 total, maybe 1-2 more if they each bring a friend), my parents (2), and our family (6) are all going together! They all did this before, we just couldn't go because I was pregnant with the twins the last time they went and we had just moved (just not in the funds!).

Anyway, we are going to the Outer banks in North Carolina. We are getting a house there for the week! Here is one we are looking at We are looking at the one called "Sand Trap".

Guess since I'll be in a swimming suit, I'd better get to losing some weight!!!