Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My weekend!

We left Friday afternoon for Camping over in IN. It was 3 hours away. Let me just say, it didn't start out so well! :(
My parents came down and helped us finish loading and were going to drive down together. "M" & "N" wanted to ride with them. We take off...traffic is pretty heavy, Kevin decides to start the GPS (not sure why he didn't when we were home)...The GPS keeps trying to take us back home so it can start from there! We made a wrong turn and we weren't even out of Cincinnati yet!! We get there, it's about 7 pm...we haven't eaten, we don't have fire wood, and we need to set up our tent! Kevin gets started in unloading to set up the tent. My mom and dad were watching the boys and then decided to go to Wal-Mart to pick up a tent (they were going to sleep on a mattress in the back of the truck). They take off, (leaving "M", "N", "D", & "A") and I go looking for my camera...OOPS, left it at home! :( Kevin and I get to work on the tent, "D" & "A" start whining...it's getting late and we need to feed them. So, I pick up "D"...and find a tick on him!! Kevin gets the tick off and I go and get the wood that dad brought as kindling to start a fire. Then realize that I had forgot ALL the hot dogs! :( Did I mention that it was my mom and dad, my sister, her 4 kids, and her husband camping with us? We split up who was to bring what...I was in charge of bringing all the hot dogs! Yeah, they were back in the freezer at home :( So I go rummaging in mom & dad's cooler to see what they have...found some meat. All I could think of is how bad of a mom I am...my boys haven't eaten and I forgot the food! I start a fire, well, I attempt to start a fire. I wasn't doing so hot with that either! It's dark, everyone is hungry and the bugs...OH MY the bugs! I hate bugs with a passion...there were a TON of bugs (not sure what I was expecting since we were camping in a woods). Kevin, getting pretty aggravated at me by this point, swipes away the fire poker and takes over. He gets the boys fed, while I sulk and wish I were at home! Mom & Dad finally come back (they got lost on their way back) and Kevin had to set up their tent too (he wasn't too happy about that since he hates setting up tents in the dark, but since it was my dad asking for help, he jumped right up and helped with a smile). And that was just day 1!! Of course, we did a Wal-Mart run the next day for hot dogs!

It was So hot there, good thing we brought a tent fan! I also spent time in my sister's camper with the air conditioner. After I got over my mood from day 1, things went better. However, I was obsessed with checking for ticks! By the time the weekend was all said and done, 3 of my 4 boys had one, Kevin had found 2 of them crawling around on his leg, My BIL found one or 2 as well! But we found them before any damage could be done!! PHEW!

So anyway, we couldn't play our Hill Billy Golf or Corn hole or Bocce Ball because there wasn't enough room to play games. On a good note though, we did book a site right next to the shower/bathroom and a park! So the boys were loving that! The guys all got to see how a farm was run in the 1800s. They thought that was cool! Everyone (except me, the twins, and my dad) went to some Caves and had a wonderful time there too!

So, even though my weekend started out bad, it wasn't that bad! We got home last night. I'm so exhausted...even my autopilot isn't working so well! Of course "D" & "A" don't want to lay down for a nap before "M" gets home, so there's no nap for mommy! :( I wonder how well I'll play today? Probably not so hot!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Mother's day

Yesterday we decided to head up to my parent's house for the weekend. When we got up there, we (me and the twins) went shopping with my sister, niece, and my mom. This morning, my mom took "M" & "N" to Sunday School. When we got to church, "N" and "M" gave me a flower and a hand-made card. It was neat, "M"'s said "Happy Mother's Day" on the front, and inside, it said "I love you". "N"'s said "N" all over the front and inside...the only word he knows how to write. :D

My mom got me a flower, my sister got me a small rose plant. Kevin gave me (well, I bought and told him he got it for me LOL) a new bible cover. But after talking to him, I think we are going to purchase a DVR or whatever...and it will be my Mother's Day and Kevin's Father's Day gifts.

When we got home, "M" gave me a book that they made at school...it's so sweet! Here's what it says (he wrote and drew all the pictures himself...each break is another page and with HIS spellings)...

Title: The Best Mom In The World!

Some moms like Mexican food, Chinese food, or Golden Coral

But my mom likes Italian!!!

Some moms like Disney land or parkes

But my mom likes Kings Island.

Some moms like to exersise, bike run or jumprope

But my mom likes to clean.

Some moms make candy, cakes and maybe the best giant cookies

But my mom makes the best ginger Bread house.

Some moms make mac and cheese and pizza

But my mom makes the best pies in the world.

Some moms go to their own crazy work

But my mom is at home wich makes my mom the best at it in the whole entire world

Isn't that just the sweetest?? That's a book that I will cherish forever! :) Makes me feel like I'm making a difference being a SAHM...I feel so appreciated!!