Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Mother's day

Yesterday we decided to head up to my parent's house for the weekend. When we got up there, we (me and the twins) went shopping with my sister, niece, and my mom. This morning, my mom took "M" & "N" to Sunday School. When we got to church, "N" and "M" gave me a flower and a hand-made card. It was neat, "M"'s said "Happy Mother's Day" on the front, and inside, it said "I love you". "N"'s said "N" all over the front and inside...the only word he knows how to write. :D

My mom got me a flower, my sister got me a small rose plant. Kevin gave me (well, I bought and told him he got it for me LOL) a new bible cover. But after talking to him, I think we are going to purchase a DVR or whatever...and it will be my Mother's Day and Kevin's Father's Day gifts.

When we got home, "M" gave me a book that they made at's so sweet! Here's what it says (he wrote and drew all the pictures himself...each break is another page and with HIS spellings)...

Title: The Best Mom In The World!

Some moms like Mexican food, Chinese food, or Golden Coral

But my mom likes Italian!!!

Some moms like Disney land or parkes

But my mom likes Kings Island.

Some moms like to exersise, bike run or jumprope

But my mom likes to clean.

Some moms make candy, cakes and maybe the best giant cookies

But my mom makes the best ginger Bread house.

Some moms make mac and cheese and pizza

But my mom makes the best pies in the world.

Some moms go to their own crazy work

But my mom is at home wich makes my mom the best at it in the whole entire world

Isn't that just the sweetest?? That's a book that I will cherish forever! :) Makes me feel like I'm making a difference being a SAHM...I feel so appreciated!!

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