Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bible Study

I don't know if many of you know that I've been going to bible study every Monday night or not.

It's a Beth Moore study called "Jesus, the One and Only"...can I just say it's AWESOME!!! I'm learning so much and she really gives another perspective on really makes you think! The study is on the life of starts out with the story of Elizabeth becoming pregnant and moves forward through the book of Luke.

There are questions in this study that makes me really think...for of the things Beth Moore asks is, what questions would you ask Mary? Well, things I thought about were, How did your family react? What was L&D like? some of the other ladies were asking questions like What was Jesus like as a boy? Did you know the exact moment you became pregnant?

It's weird, I've read the stories before, but there are things I picked up on this time around that I didn't before. I'm starting to feel the connection of what it was like when Jesus was walking the earth. How it must have felt...if I were there.

Anyway, I'm learning a lot and loving it!!

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