Monday, August 21, 2006

About our vacation...

Ok, I thought I'd tell you about our vacation and all we did...well, what I did...Kevin did his own thing most of the time I had no idea where he had went to! LOL

August 12th:
We left on Saturday at around 8:30 am and headed out. We drove until lunch and then stopped and ate some sandwiches that we had packed. Took off again and stopped for supper (again sandwiches). We also stopped 2 other times to get gas. We got to Richmond, VA around 7 pm and checked into our hotel. There was a wedding going on at the hotel next to ours, so, it was pretty crowded. We sat and watched some tv, I jumped on the computer and checked my email. We then ordered pizza. Ate, and went to bed.

August 13th:
We got up and took off around 9 am. Called my parents to see if they had taken off yet, but found out they were at the Urgent Care because my dad's arm had flared up and was hurting! We decided not to go to Kings Dominion only because it was very similar to Kings  Island and by the time we would get there, it would be about time to leave again. Not to mention it would be 1/2 hour out of our way. We drove until lunch and finished up the sandwiches we had. We got to our home (that we rented) around 2 pm. We couldn't check in until 4 pm. We called my sister and they were still a ways out (about to the point where we started that morning). We decided to go to the ocean. We played in the water, the boys LOVED it!! When it was close to 4 pm, we called my sister again, realizing that they weren't anywhere close, we had my sister call and see if I could check us all in. Thankfully, we were able to. We got to the house, and it was absolutely HUGE!! We chose are room and unloaded.
Explanation of the layout of the house: I will do my best to describe the house (I didn't take any pictures)...The driveway was gravel and surrounded by trees. There was a canoe to the side of the driveway. A 2 car garage was at the end of the driveway. As you were heading up to the front of the house, there was a table in chairs on the deck to the right, and stairs up onto the front porch, which was the entire length of the front of the house. As you entered into the front door, to the right was the living room, a slight jog to the right and straight was a set of stairs, to the left was the kitchen/dining room. We will start y going to the left. The dining room table was pretty least 10 chairs plus a bar that had 4 chairs and 2 stools. The kitchen was pretty large too. Off to the right of the kitchen was a bathroom and the laundry room. If you go through the laundry room, it took you out to the back porch and down the stairs is the pool and hot tub (enclosed), before going down the stairs and to the right was an enclosed porch. There was no grass in the back yard, just sand outside the fence which was fenced in (does that make any sense? LOL). Back into the house and back to the front door...let's now go towards those stairs I mentioned earlier. There was a bedroom at the bottom of the stairs ("M", "N", and "Ag2" shared that room), up the stairs and through the door...more steps going the other direction...up those stairs and there are more rooms! To the right was a bathroom and the Master bedroom that also had a Master bathroom with a jacuzzi tub (my mom and dad had that room). To the left were 3 bedrooms ("Jg1" and her friend "Agf" had one room, Deb and Nate had the other room, Liz had the 3rd room...I'm assuming, but didn't ask, that when Liz's boyfriend, Pat, came, he also stayed in the room with Liz, but I'm not positive about that since we weren't anywhere near that side of the house). Back down to the living room and over to the right there's a door. Through that door is a sitting room that has a tv and a computer. To the left of the room is a door to the screened in porch (same as the porch that is off the laundry room). To the right is a hallway that has a few stairs going down and some going up. If you take the ones going down, there is a bathroom and 2 bedrooms ("Jb1" and "Jb2" had 1 room and "Jg2" and "Ag1" had the other). If you go up the stairs, there was a kitchenette. It had a table that sat 4 (could have been more if moved out from the wall), a full fridge, and a bar. Off to the left side of the kitchenette was another screened in porch (different from the other), to the right was another set of stairs...they turned after about 4 steps. At the top of the stairs was another bedroom with a bathroom (this is where Kevin and I were). In this room, there was also a futon. Every room of the house (not the bathrooms or laundry room) had a tv in it! I got lost the 1st day and couldn't remember which stairs (or where they were at) to take to get to my room! LOL It was nice though with all the people we had in the house!
After unloading, Kevin ran out and got some McDonald's for us to eat while we waited for the rest of the family to arrive. My parents and Deb's family all arrived (after getting lost and having Kevin direct them there) around 8 pm. We were told at that point that Liz's family had left around 7 pm and were driving straight through and should arrive around 7 am. They all unpacked and everyone headed to bed.

August 14:
Around 7 am or so, Liz arrived with the girls! We all ate breakfast with the stuff we had (which wasn't a lot). Made out a grocery list and the women headed to the grocery store. We pretty much just hung out at the house and at in the pool. Of course a few of them headed to the ocean (which was within walking distance).

August 15:
Went shopping with mom, Deb, & Liz.

August 16:
Hung around the house and at the pool.

August 17:
I went shopping with my mom, dad, Deb, & Nate. Got a few t-shirts for my boys!

August 18:
Went to the beach with mom, dad, Deb, Nate and a few of the kids (Kevin stayed with the twins). Came home and got all cleaned up and then went to the salon with the girls (minus "Jg2") and got our nails done

August 19:
Got up and around 10:30 headed to the ocean to take our family photos. Came home, changed out of our star shirts, and Kevin and I went out for some gas and a few souvenirs to take to his parent's. When we got home, we changed back into our star shirts and went back to the beach with the whole family and took more photos. After that we went to a restaurant called Jimmy's Seafood buffet. It was great food! All the seafood you could eat! Pat told us he wanted to take us all out for allowing him to come and stay at the house with us for free! When Kevin and I calculated that up, his bill was $380 and that was BEFORE drinks!!!

August 20:
Finished packing and loading up and cleaned up the house a bit before taking off. We left around 8:30 and drove straight through...only stopping 3 times. We got home around 10:30 pm

Sort of boring, yes, I know, but it's what I did! I did enjoy myself! They were talking already about where we are going to go next time. Kevin said he wasn't going to go every year, maybe every other year with them. We'll see!!

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