Tuesday, June 5, 2007


 We have a cat, his name is Aslan.  He (along with another cat who has since ran away) adopted us.  I have NEVER in my life seen a cat so laid back as this one.  He'll sit there when the twins pull his tail and just meow...and not very loud at that.  He spends most of his day sleeping behind my chair.  In the evenings, he'll come out and sit on my lap and run around a bit...I guess since the boys are in bed!

We gave our cat some catnip for the first time the other day.  He was rolling all over it, licking it, and acting so funny!  I would bend down to try and touch his pile of cat nip and he would lay on it.

 We also have this laser pointer that the cat chases, it was fun to see a loopy cat chase a red dot on the floor!

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