Monday, June 18, 2007


We had our Annual Father's Day Camping weekend with my mom's family this past weekend.  We stayed at Ft. Loramie this year instead of Indian Lake.  Everyone seemed to like Ft. Loramie better, well everyone except Kevin and dad!  They said the fishing was BAD there!

We got there on Friday around 3 pm.  Unloaded the truck and set up our tent.  I took Daniel & Andrew over to my cousin's in-laws to watch in their camper until our tent was set up.

My mom and dad got there shortly after we had our tent all set boys ate lunch meat sandwiches for lunch.  Then about an hour later, my sister showed up.

Saturday, I didn't feel well, when I got up and most of the day.  It was HOT!  I had a headache the whole time!  I usually get them when I'm out in the sun too long!  I tried very hard this time not to rely on my sister's camper.  I wanted to see if we could camp on our own without bugging my sister.  I did...until I was so sick on Saturday.  I went to take a shower, then sat in her trailer with the air conditioner on for a half hour or so.  Felt quite a bit better.  As I was sitting there, I then realized that I hadn't eaten all day!

Later that evening, we had our Big dinner together.  Everyone that was there (my 2 aunts, my 2 cousin's families, one of my cousin's in-laws, one of my cousin's friends, my family, my parents, and my sister) contributed a dish to share...and there was more food than we all needed!  But since I didn't eat all day, it all looked good!

After dinner, my dad, my brother in law, K, and my nephew all played cards while my mom took Daniel & Andrew for a walk.  My niece took Michael & Noah to the lake to play.  It was fun watching my dad teach them all to play poker.  My dad was a HUGE poker player and would always win lots of money (back in the day), but he doesn't play much any more...except with family.

Sunday, we got up and started packing up.  I took the boys to the Christian Puppet Show they had was pretty good!  My boys all watched it all the way through!  Kevin drank a little too much on Sat, and was feeling it on Sunday!

Afterwards, we headed to my parent's house for lunch before we headed back home!

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