Monday, June 11, 2007

Sister's Wedding

We went to Liz & Pat's wedding this past weekend.  Her girls were just beautiful!  I hadn't seen Jessica (her one daughter) in a dress since...hmmm...probably since she was at my wedding 13 years ago!  She looked so beautiful!  Of course Jordan (her other daughter) did as well!

Liz wore a cream colored dress with a black sash.  Pat wore a black tux.  "J" & "J" (her daughters) wore black dresses (no back).  Her wedding was an outdoor wedding and  the weather was wonderful for that as well!

I took a TON of pictures...mostly with my SLR camera (too bad it's not digital...boy do I want one of those) and some with my Digital one.  I ruined a whole roll of film because I didn't let the film wind all the way before opening the back...what was I thinking???

The reception was lovely as well.  They served hors d'oeuvres and drinks right after the wedding and then a wonderful meal!  They also had a guy come in and draw characteratures of people.  We got ours done.

We stayed overnight in a hotel just a couple blocks from where they got married.  Then on Sunday, we went back to their house and watched them open up their gifts.

While we were at their house, we gave dad our Father's Day gift/Christmas gift...a boat!  He was very happy!

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