Monday, June 25, 2007


Yesterday, we went swimming at a friend from church's house.  My boys had a wonderful time!  It was our first time there...they played games in the basement for a while!

When I went down to the basement, I was surprised!!  they have an entire room FILLED with videos/DVDs!  It looks like a library, except they are movies, not books!  I think they have more than our local library has!  The boys were playing the playstation on a huge projection screen!  The characters were probably the same size they were!!  The other part of the basement has a pool table, fooze ball table, pinball game, and 3 other video games!  Perfect for children and teens!

The people's house we were at, have 2 grown children and are the family in the church who always take the children for the day/night.  I can see why the children LOVE going there now! :)

When we were leaving, they made sure to let me know that we can come and swim there anytime we wanted!

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