Monday, July 23, 2007

The Big Day!

I didn't have time to be nervous...we've been busy all day!  I didn't sleep well.  I was up late helping my sister put the finishing touches on my cake!  That and, too much on my mind.  10 am we had an appointment for me, my mom, and my nieces to have their hair done.  We had worked on this before, so I knew what she was going to do to my hair.  We decided my niece would have her hair just like mine.

After we were done getting our hair done, it was lunch time.  We decided to get some pizza.  While waiting for the Pizza, we ran over to the Hall to make sure everything was set up.  We had a few touches we needed to do...a couple decorations fell, so we fixed them.  I didn't help much yesterday with decorating since I had to run to Meijer and get my paycheck and pick up some last minute "thank you" gifts.  It was nice to see the hall all decorated.  I looked around and took in all the sites.  The cake table is set up in the corner, with the plates and napkins already in place on the table.  The tables are all set the way we wanted.  there's plenty of room for dancing and the DJ to set up.  I turn and look at the Bridal Party's table.  It is so pretty with the white table cloth and bows.  In front of it is a small picnic style table made for children that we decorated up for all my nieces and nephews!

We get back to the house and eat lunch.  One of my nieces took her hair down...all that work and she didn't like it.  I guess it's ok, she's only 3.  I'm determined that the little things that could go wrong today won't bother me.

I'm getting a little anxious...jittery!  I'm ready to go to the church and get dressed.  Shortly after we arrive, I realize that the flowers that we left on the alter yesterday have's so hot, but I didn't think that they would die so quickly.  When my Aunt Jan arrives and asks if I needed anything, I beg her to get some new roses so we can give our mothers a nice rose!

Things are going pretty well.  My Aunt Carol arrived and has been taking pictures of us getting ready.  The 4 ladies in their Royal Blue dresses..."high-low" as they were called.  An open back with a bow.  The opening in the back almost resembles a heart, but not quite.  They look great on them all...especially for getting them for only $25 each!  And me in my White dress...Off the shoulder with sequence on the front and down the train.  I absolutely fell in love with this dress at the Flea Market a few months back.  It was only $300...not so bad when the original tag had $900 on it!

We are ready for the ladies to get their pictures taken.  We go down to the's HOT.  Aunt Carol and Kevin's Uncle Bill are taking pictures.  We decided that we'd have them do it since they offered to take them for us...why pay for a professional?  We've seen their work...they both do a wonderful job with taking pictures!

I can't believe how fast the day is going.  We are back upstairs waiting.  Kevin and the guys are getting their pictures taken.  We are just roaming around upstairs because of being so HOT in that little changing room.  Kevin's little cousin is throwing a fit...she probably won't go down the isle.  Oh well, I guess that's what you get for having a 4 year old in your wedding!  Mom keeps telling me that if "M" won't go down the isle, we have 2 other little girls in the same dress that could do it for her.  I calmly look at them and say...whomever goes down, goes down!

"Jg1" (my niece) and "Jb1" (my nephew) look so cute together! "Jg1" is wearing a miniature Bride's dress.  My mom did a wonderful job getting the appliqué put onto the dress and giving it a train.  It looks so similar to mine!  She's also wearing a's too cute!  "Jb1" is in a white tux with tails...He matches Kevin!  "Jb1" came up to me with a sad face and says "I don't want to marry "M"...I want to marry "Jg1"!" How cute is that?  He gets to walk down the isle with "M" (Kevin's cousin) instead of "Jg1" (my niece)...I guess he thinks he's getting married today too!

The guests start filing in, so I'm heading back to the room.  I want to stay out of site!  Oh another bump in the road...the guy who is doing my video is arguing with his (soon to be) ex-wife (one of my friends)!  This can't be good...he's also my DJ!  I walk away and my sister (Liz) tells me that if he leaves, her husband has brought with him all his equipment which would be enough for him to DJ.  Apparently they heard them fighting last night at the Rehearsal too!

Mom gives me a kiss and leaves.  That means it's time to line up!  Dad is there to help me walk down the isle.  I'm very excited and nervous.  I watch as Melodi (my friend) and Brian (Kevin's friend) go down the isle first.  Then Wendy (my friend) and Pat (Kevin's brother) go down (funny how they are dating now) is the Matron of Honor, Deb (my sister) and one of the Best Men, Brett (Kevin's cousin)...The butterflies are really flying now!  The Ring Bearer and Flower Girl..."Jb1" (my nephew) and "M" (Kevin's cousin) are going down.  Next the Maid of Honor, Kim (my friend) and the other Best Man, Joe (Kevin's friend) go down.  Once they are down, we send the miniature Bride, "Jg1" (my niece).  Dad and I are the only ones left.  After all the Ohs and Ahs from everyone, we hear the music.  It's time.  We start off..."Dad, wait!" I say...Dad turns to me and looks..."I lost my shoe!" I say trying not to laugh.  I get my shoe back on and we turn to go down the isle.

There he is...he's looking at me.  Just look at that smile on his face!  I've been waiting for this moment for quite some time now!  As a little girl, I dreamed of this moment.  Even in my dreams he was there...I couldn't quite make him out, but I do know he had glasses, dark hair and was taller than me!  God was showing me my wedding!

As dad and i reach the alter, I see everyone staring at me, but it doesn't matter.  The only thing that matters at this moment is Kevin...I'm ready to spend the rest of my life with him!

"I Do!"

I can remember so much of it vividly...however, there are pieces that are missing that I use photos and videos to help me remember.

13 years and 4 children later, I still love him so much!  We are now both Christians and parents.  Things are so much different now than what they were that day, but I wouldn't change a thing!

Today, July 23, 2007, Kevin and I celebrate our 13th wedding Anniversary!

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