Thursday, August 16, 2007


This is one of the first entries from the Bible Study I did at our church...

Describe the most Passionate person you know...describe their attributes.

D - she is passionate in her worship to the Lord.  There is a connection that you see when she worships.  She doesn't care what others think of how she looks or acts, it's just her and the Lord.  She is also passionate about the teenagers in her church.  She is a very gentle leader, but stands firm in her faith.  She knows the Word of God and knows how to apply it to her life.  She's sensitive to the Spirit of God, knowledgeable, loves singing and teaching.  This is someone I look up to and learn from.

She is my sister...the one who showed me that there was more to faith than just going to church on Sunday morning.  Because of her, I am a Christian today!

There were many people that I thought about describing for this study, but D was the one who came to mind first so I went with her!

What keeps you from living the Passionate Life that Lucy Swindoll talked about? issues...children.

Name 3 Things you'd like to do or change to be more passionate about your life?

  1. Start making time for myself to study and learn
  2. Get involved in the Children's ministry
  3. Become more organized...I believe that by me being organized, I won't scramble to do things that shouldn't take that long.

What did you learn about yourself?
I learned that I'm not as passionate as I once was.  This sounds bad, but since having children, my passion has diminished.  I have become unorganized and chaotic in my life.  I need to change to become more passionate.  I need to stop worrying about what others think of me, especially in worship.

How will that learning impact your daily living?
I have put things into motion already.  I am becoming involved in the Children's ministry.  Organization, well, that's a process that I need to begin...task by task...until I get things how I want them to be.

Personal Vision:
I would like to become more organized in my house.  Spend more time in the Word, become more knowledgeable.  Step up and begin working in the Children's ministry and getting more involved in church.

Start figuring out what to do with all this AVON stuff so I can become organized!!  Step by step, work on this a little each day until it's accomplished
Step up and volunteer to be the 1st and 2nd grade Sunday School teacher
Speak with the Children's ministry leader about Directing VBS next year.

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