Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I AM - Your Beauty

What is your initial response when anyone suggests you are beautiful?
I usually say thanks.  When I'm down, I don't believe them.  When I'm in a good mood, after saying thanks, I think about it a little then just completely forget that they said that to me.

Do you find you engage in a lot of negative 'self-talk'? How much of your thought life does this form of thinking consume?
I do a little negative "self-talk", but not nearly as much as I used to do.  Which I'm glad I'm headed in the right direction.  I would say not much of my thoughts are consumed with this.  As a teenager, things were quite different, but as I've grown (not only by age, but in God), I don't seem to dwell on negative thoughts of myself.  I actually find myself frustrated and disgusted when others talk negatively about themselves, saying they are fat or ugly.  That is something I try to avoid.  If someone starts talking negatively about themselves, I will disagree with them, then change the subject.

What is the most radical transformation you've witnessed in an individual after they were born again? It's okay to tell about your own!
My father changed so much from the point he became born again and now.  He became so much more compassionate.  You can see the love on his is beautiful!

The imagery of being a City Girl has absolutely changed the way I perceive my worth before God. Does it yours? Will you receive this truth and let it boost your righteous confidence?
I've always been a "small town" girl.  Hearing about being a City Girl changes my perspective on everything!  I AM a City Girl...a heavenly city!  I'm an heir of a King...a Princess!  This knowledge will change the way I look at things.

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