Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I AM - Your Beauty

1. I am going to present to you a little acrostic to begin our discussion today. What is your latest NLIP? (Not Like I Planned?)
Well, I NEVER planed on being involved in a Children's Ministry after the problems that I faced when I went to another church (long story).  So I guess I'm in the midst of the "Not Like I Planned" position.  A little different than what you are asking, but you get the idea.

2. How did you react to your NLIP? Are you still upset about it? Happy about it? Baffled by it? Explain.
Very nervous and yes baffled.  I can't say I was upset, but I did drag my feet so hard I left ruts all over the place!

3. Have you ever attempted to step into an area of ministry and found your desire rejected? Did this cause you to question God and yourself? Perhaps distrust what you perceived to be your calling?
Sort of...I was interested in an area, but never really stepped into it...I have since realized that it wasn't a calling from God, but a desire of mine that I had...something I had been involved in when I was at a different church that I missed (our current church doesn't do it).

4. Do you harbor any bitterness towards any individual or situation which you believe waylaid your best laid plans?
No, you can't!  That's like not forgiving in my head!  If I don't forgive, then God won't forgive me.  If I hold bitterness or hold a grudge about something, I'm not walking in the forgiveness that God has called us to walk in.

5. Have you had a life experience or trial that left you with a shaken faith because it ended in an NLIP? Please share if you feel free.
Oh yes, I felt like a church trapped me and my husband into the Children's ministry at a church.  At that time, I didn't feel the calling, and I know my husband was not called to teach 4 & 5 year olds.  I didn't CHOOSE to be in that ministry, I was TOLD I had to if I wanted my children to be in those classes.  I would go to class with a resentful attitude...not something you want to do with 4 & 5 year olds.  When we moved here and joined this church, I held that hurt in front of me as an excuse to not be involved in the Children's ministry.  When approached about the Children's ministry at our church, I was open and honest with the Children's Ministry Director.  I told her about what happened and how I felt.  She assured me that she would NEVER pressure anyone into something they didn't feel God calling them to.

5. Based on Moses' response of faith to his own rejection, how will you re-evaluate your own experiences or look at future ones differently if a NLIP presents itself?
Well, with my openness and through prayer, I have felt God calling me into the Children's Ministry at our church.  In stepping up, I have felt such a Peace and Excitement as I walk into the children's room!  I don't teach 4 & 5 year olds, I teach 1st & 2nd grades.  I never thought I would ever get to the point of being involved in a Children's Ministry again from my past experiences.  I know my husband still has that sour taste in his mouth and I believe that is why he hasn't gotten involved anywhere in the church (which saddens me...he is so gifted in so many areas...there are so many places the church could use him at!).

I had rejected the calling God had on my life to be involved with the Children's Ministry...I have since fully (well, maybe not fully...that's yet to be determined through prayer) embraced it!  Teaching 1st & 2nd graders and Directing VBS for 2008 is so exciting to me!  I'm so greatfull that God never gave up on me!!

Ok, now that I'm done typing my answers to all those questions, I'm starting to second guess myself.  I'm NOT going to reevaluate my writing though...I just don't feel I fully answered those questions in the way I'm supposed to.  BUT I did it in the way that was beneficial to ME...that's what this is about right??

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