Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today is Thursday...that means it's Thankful Thursday!

  • I'm Thankful for a wonderful Husband, Kevin.  I feel like I say this every Thursday, but he's just so great!  He works so hard for our family and never complains when I don't get something done (laundry, or cleaning, or whatever) even when I'm home every day!  He even pitches in to help out when he sees I'm stressed out...even after a stressful day he's at at work!!
  • I'm Thankful for "M".  He is working so hard at school this year, and although I will probably put him back in school next year, he isn't complaining...he's actually excited about going back and being with his friends (or making new friends).
  • I'm Thankful for "N".  He's working so hard in school.  Trying very hard to learn to read.  I hear him sounding out words even when it's not his homework!
  • I'm Thankful for "A".  He loves playing Football and soccer.  Loves to run and jump!  When he was born, he struggled a bit with breathing, but is a Healthy little boy!!
  • I'm Thankful for "D".  He's my hyper little boy who loves dancing and running around! When he was born, he had some issues with eating, it took him longer to figure it out and also holding his body temperature.  But he's healthy!
  • I'm Thankful for my nieces and nephews!  I have 2 nieces (one born yesterday!) and 1 nephew on Kevin's side and 4 nieces and 2 nephews on my side of the family.
  • I'm Thankful for the new friends I'm meeting and for the older friends I have.  Everyone one of them have something I need.  God designed us to be friends for a reason!
  • I'm Thankful for my new blogging friends and message board friends.  What a great network of support I have out there!

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