Sunday, January 13, 2008

VBS Begins!!

Last Tuesday, I had a meeting with last year's VBS director (aka Children's Ministry Director).  She had gotten the VBS kit in the mail and wanted to go through it with me!

She handed me the Director's Manual!  Wow, it's chock-full of information!  I've been reading it for the past couple of days!

I'm a bit nervous and overwhelmed, but have the knowledge that I'm where I need to be.  I know since this is my first time, I may stumble, but with God's help, I'll get back up, dust myself off and move on...learning as I go!

What I'm most nervous about is feeling like I'm on my own...I know I'm not, but there's that fear there.  Our CMD is pregnant and due a week before VBS!

How this all came about!
Last year, I volunteered for VBS (last minute of course) right before our church left for it's Missionary Trip (CMD was a part of that trip).  I ended up being a Crew Leader (which is an adult (or teen) who is in charge of about 5 children and getting them from place to place and helping them in their small group discussions).  I had a great time!

Then the week or so after VBS, there was a tugging on my heart.  I felt God telling me I was to do more.  So, after much prayer, I felt I should volunteer in the Children's Ministry in some form.  Then an email came around asking if anyone was interested in Directing VBS next year (2008).  I prayed about it and felt that God calling me in that direction.  I set up a meeting with our CMD to talk about the openings she had available and what would be a good "fit" for me.  I came away shortly after that meeting with the knowledge that I would definitely be teaching and possibly running VBS next year!  After more prayer and consideration, I stepped up to be 2008 Elementary VBS Director.

After knowing for about 2 months, we find out our CMD is pregnant!  How exciting right, yeah, due a week before VBS!  Talk about God's timing!!  He knew she would be needing someone to step up, and I was there!!

Anyway, that's how we got to this point.

I'm going to try to blog more about the happenings not only going on with VBS but other aspects of my life!  Here's hoping I'll be on here more!!

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