Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beloved Grandmother

My grandmother went home to be with the Lord on Thursday evening at 10:15 (May 15, 2008).

She had been in and out of the hospital for the past 2 years. 

About a month ago, she started taking a turn for the worst.  They called in hospice to care for her in her home and keep her comfortable.

She has 1 Daughter, 3 Sons, 1 Step Daughter, and 1 Step Son.  She has 4 Granddaughters, 4 Grandsons, 4 Step Grandsons, and 3 Step Granddaughters.  She has 12 Great Grandsons, 7 Great Granddaughters, and many step Grandsons/daughters (I'm unclear of the number and some of those have had children of their own as well).

She lived a few blocks from my parent's house and we visited with her often when I was younger.  As I got older, I seen her frequently until I got married and moved away.  Then I would only see her a couple times a year.

When we lived in Colorado, we had the wonderful privilege of her coming out for a visit.  She came with my mom and dad for a week!  What a great time!  Although she was on oxygen, we were still able to make a trip up into the mountains, and to the Butterfly Pavilion.  She talked about that for years.  When she was there, we only had "M".  He sat and played Dominoes with her for hours!  He loved it (although he probably doesn't remember it since he was only 2).

Every year we had a few reunions for that side of the family.  We always had fun.  2 years ago, "M" sat and played a marble game that every Grandchild played with her.  

"M" still talks about that to this day.

My Grandmother did taxes for a living, so many people in this small community knew who she was.  She will definitely be missed.

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