Friday, May 2, 2008

Bible Study

Do you attend one?  What are you studying?  If you attend one, would you encourage others to attend?  Why?

We are having a Ministry Fair on Sunday which also includes our Small Groups in our Church.  Our Monday Night Bible Study is having a "booth"...I (along with everyone else in the group) was asked to give a statement as to why we attended that group.  Our leader is making a poster board for it.

Here is what I sent in...

Why do you attend Monday Night Ladies’ Bible Study?

For me, Monday is my “Girls Night Out”.  Coffee…Talk…and a Bible Study all wrapped up in one!  I get to meet other women in our church and really get to know them.  How many times I have felt all alone, I go to Bible Study, share with the ladies there what is on my heart and realize I am NOT alone!  It has been such a blessing to me to get to know this group of women.  I can call them my friends!  I love this group!!!

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