Tuesday, June 10, 2008

VBS...Day 2

Last night was so much easier than the 1st night.  Things went smoothly...registration didn't take much time, children knew what to expect, their anticipation was up.  I didn't need to run around as often as I did the 1st night.

We had 68 children last night...I was glad to see it grow!

I feel like there was a life changing moment that happened last night at the registration table.

I just happened to walk up to the registration table to give them more pens.  A family with 2 young boys came up to the table to register.  Let me remind you that we are running an Elementary only VBS.  These 2 young boys were 3 and 5.  As they turned away from the table to go back to their car, I had one of the registration people turn to me and ask if it was possible to bring in 2 preschoolers.  I said Absolutely!  We have a few crew leaders without a crew at the moment.  The family was called back to the table, I looked at the mom (who was visibly upset) and said, "We'll make room for them".  She thanked me over and over.  She had told me that her boys were looking forward to this VBS for some time!

After they got the boys settled into the crews we chose for them, I went and pulled the registration papers to see if they had been to our church before.  No church was listed on their papers.

I'm so glad we didn't turn them away...who knows what type of seed had been planted into that family and how the adjustment for their children will affect them.

I talked to our pastor that night and informed him that I went ahead and put the 2 preschoolers in the VBS.  He told me..."You saw a need and you filled it."  I just explained to him that I put myself into the mother's shoes...I would have been heartbroken and bitter had my children been turned away from VBS!!

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