Thursday, June 12, 2008

VBS...Day 4

88 Children in 1 week went through our VBS.  Let me just say, if your church is doing Group's Power Lab, it will be a success!  The children were absolutely loving it!  I have heard a number of children talking about what other church in the area was doing Power Lab and which church they were going to next!

Last night was the Salvation message.  I haven't heard if any child was saved, however, I know the seed was planted.  All the children knew the answers to the questions that our "characters" were asking them!  They are getting it!!

I have been truly blessed by the volunteers and helpers!  I couldn't have done this without their help!  Not to mention the Children's Ministry Director...even if she couldn't make it to Power Lab for more than 30 minutes a couple nights, it was great to have her support over the phone and throughout the process of getting things together!

Tonight is our last's Family night, so my job is very simple.  We will have the normal opening and then have our "closer" come up and do an experiment (or 2) and then send the children outside for food and games.  Our church had lined up those big blow-up bouncy things!  The kids are going to love it!!

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