Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yesterday as I was getting ready for church, my phone rings.  It was one of the Sunday School teachers calling to let me know that her son was sick and she wasn't going to be able to make it into class.  She wasn't sure if she should call me, since I have been covering for the Children's Ministry Director while she's out on "Maternity Leave" or the Children's Ministry Director.

Since the children she was teaching was half of my class (they closed my class room for the summer and shuffled the children around a bit...freeing me up to help the Children's Minisitry Director) and the other half of the class was children that had moved out of my class not too long ago, I would just go ahead and teach the class.  Most of the children knew me anyway.

So, I go into the class, look around the desk for some sort of curriculum...I couldn't find anything.  Then I remembered that the teacher had been teaching the children something different.  I search for a note (I know she sent them home with the children when she started in that class).  When I found it, it had the things they will be learning on it:

Books of the Bible, Fruit of the Spirit, 10 Commandments, Armor of God, Creation, and Alphabet Bible Memorization.

I had no clue where she was or what was/wasn't taught.  So what was I going to do??  These children ranged in age from Kindergarten (they would be going into the 1st grade in the fall) to 3rd grade (those going into the 3rd grade in the fall...4th graders moved up a class).

Once all the children came in and were seated, I looked at them and told them that I had no idea what their teacher had taught on or how she ran her class...so, they were going to teach me!

First thing I was told I had to do was put all the books of the Old Testament on the board...I'm still not quite sure why I had to put them up there, but they told me I had to, so being the good student, I did what I was told.  I got my Bible out and Eric said, "Don't you know that already?"  I can honestly say, NO, I don't know the books of the Bible...I used to years ago know what order they were in, now I just sort of guess!

Next thing I had to do was turn on the music...we got to listen to a song!  It was the books of the bible.  Ok, I can see where this is going, we are learning the Books of the Old Testament.

One child told me that it was now time for each child to recite the books of the OT and get their butterfly moved to where they stop at on this tree.

Did I mention this teacher is very creative?  She made these 2 trees out of paper, a scene really where all the leaves on the one tree are the OT books and the leave on the other tree are the NT books!  Each child had a butterfly with their name on it attached to a paperclip that would get moved across the tree.

I just have to say that I was more than impressed at how well each child did!  I got to move almost every child's butterfly to a new position and 1 child finished all the books in the OT and NT!  Did I mention the ages of these children?  They are learning!!

After getting through that, I started looking around the room and asked what they learned last week.  Most of the children weren't there last week, but 1 child told me the Armor of God.  So over to the poster I went and I started asking question on what each part of the Armor of God was and what it stood for!  These children are S-M-A-R-T!!

After that, we moved onto the Fruit of the Spirit.  They explained to me what each of the 9 Fruits of the Spirit were/meant.  I began on the 10 Commandments...which 1 child informed me that they didn't do that yet, but I know from my previous 'bouts of teaching that they should have heard this before, so I continued.  We got through most of them, then the parent's started arriving to pick up their children!

I have never been so impressed by a group of children as I was Sunday with this class.  I wrote a note to Mrs. Darlene so that she knew what we did.

After shuffling the children around to 2nd service class and off with their parents, I talked a bit to the director.  She had asked me to pray about what God really wants me doing in Children's Ministry.  I flat out told her that I know my gifting is not in teaching, but I will teach if that's where I'm needed there.  She said she sees me more in an administrative position instead of teaching, but in moving me, that would require more teachers.

So, now I need to focus and lay it all out at God's feet.  Find out what it is that I am supposed to be doing.  I know He will show me the way and it will all work out the way it was intended...I just need to listen!

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