Monday, August 25, 2008


Today was a good day until this evening when we got 4 inches of rain in an hour!

Kevin was on his way out the door to take the dog out when the neighbor was standing on our porch (we live in a duplex).  She told him that their basement was flooded and we might want to check ours.

Yep, there was an inch of water on most of the floor in the basement!  We have spent most of the night with the shopvac cleaning up the floor.  I think we emptied the shopvac out 20+ times!  And the water was coming up through the drain in the basement...YUCK...YUCK...YUCK

I'm exhausted, but we still have a lot of stuff to clean up.  Did I mention that we kept all the empty boxes when we moved here so we could use them again to pack whenever we decided to move again?  Or that we had a ton of books and toys on the floor? HUGE mess!!

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