Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Accountability Partner/Mentor

Have you ever had this dream...you know it's there, but the picture isn't quite clear?  You know there's something special there, but you just can't quite remember all the details?  You can still feel those "feelings" you had when you first had the dream, but now you can't quite remember how that dream went?

How do you get that dream back?  Do you try and recreate the same atmosphere you had when you first had the dream?  Do you try and think on something little that you remember in hopes that it will trigger the whole dream again?

What if you can't get that dream back?  Then what?  Do you just move on and forget about it?  Or do you try and figure it out?

Here I sit, with those thoughts.  I can't quite figure out what exactly it was about anymore, but the feelings are still there.

What am I talking about?  What God has called me to do.  I know he told me once...I know the general idea of what it is, but here I am waiting on those details.  Did he tell me those and I forgot?  Or has He not yet revealed them to me?

My vision is clouded with all the "stuff" that is around me on a daily basis.  My quiet time hasn't been what is should be.  I know that to grow in faith, I need to dive into the word and spend time with Him...so why is it that my quiet time has been the hardest time to come by?  I feel as though I rush through just so I can mark that off he "to do" list.  I know it's not right, but that's what is happening.  And now, I have more questions about what I'm supposed to be doing instead of answers.

I need someone to cheer me on...someone to hold me accountable...someone I'm comfortable enough to share everything with...a mentor!  Someone besides my husband (although, he would probably work, I think I need a "girlfriend").

Where does one begin to find a mentor, or an accountability partner?

I'm of the timid type and have never really had a friend (besides my husband) that I've shared EVERYTHING with...this is difficult for me, and I'm not sure why that is.  It's not like I don't like talking...quite the contrary!  But to be so open to someone, what if I get hurt?  Please pray for me!

Do you have an accountibility partner?  What about a Mentor?  Both?  How did you come to have your accountability partner/mentor?

Ok, I need to appologize, I started this post out in one direction and it ended up in a total different one...sorry about that.  I don't want to edit it because 1...it's too late for me to do that, and 2...this is something I needed to get out...all of it!

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