Friday, September 12, 2008

My Dad

Could I please ask you to pray for him?  He's in the hospital.  He went in on Wednesday for a MRI on his feet since they have been swollen and so sore he couldn't walk on them.  After they did the MRI, they admitted him into the hospital.

Diagnosis:  He has arthritic feet and the gout is attacking the arthritis causing extreme pain.  I should also mention here that Dad is diabetic and the medication that they usually give gout patients effects kidneys, so they had to watch what to give him.

After talking to my mom today, they will be transporting my dad to another hospital due to his kidneys not working the way they should (getting worse).  They also have to stop the gout medication as well because they contribute that to the Kidneys gettin worse.

My dad is in a lot of pain and has been having all those wonderful side effects of the medication (flu-like symptoms).  Please pray that the doctors can find the proper medication to use that will clear up the gout and not mess with his Kidneys so they can treat his feet (they can't treat his feet until the gout is gone).  I pray that God will HEAL him!

Thank you!

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