Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today is Thankful Thursday...and to be quite honest, I'm having a hard time being thankful.  I've had a pretty rough day...but I'm determined to find what I'm thankful for today.

I'm thankful for my older 2 going to school today.  I was so tired after being up with "D" and "A" last night, I don't think I could have dealt too well with them at home all day today.

I'm thankful that I have nurses at the doctor's office that are available to answer any questions a sleep deprived mom can ask before determining that she, in fact, needs to bring the 2 boys in for a check-up.

I'm thankful that the last 2 times I've visited my doctor's office I've had 2 of the doctors there that I actually feel really comfortable with having.

I'm thankful that the doctors have these tests to help determine what is wrong with my boys and know what to do to treat them.

I'm thankful that Meijer has FREE Amoxicillin, especially after getting our 4th dose of it this week!  (4 boys = 4 doses)

I will be thankful when all 4 boys are in bed tonight so I don't have to hear all the whining and fighting they have been doing today since being home from school.

Thanks for joining me in finding things I'm thankful for today.  As hard as it was in the beginning for me to start this list, I've realized that it got easier as time went on...even with said boys fighting and whining!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

I will go where you lead me

I came home from work to Kevin and "M" playing in the living room.  It was a Friday in the Spring of 1998.  As with every Friday, Kevin picked "M" up from the babysitter on his way home from work.  He got home earlier than I did on Fridays and since the babysitter was on his way, he picked him up.

As I came in the door, Kevin tells me that someone else got laid off from work.  I voiced my concerns about him getting laid off.  He said it didn't look like it, but he thought it was time to get his resume together just in case.

That weekend we spent some time on the computer getting his resume putting his resume together and submitting it out to a few different places.

As I packed for our usual weekend up at my parent's house, we begain talking again about where we would like to be in a few years from now.  How we both would love it if I were a stay at home mom instead of a working mom.  We began praying that God would guide our steps.

As the weeks went by, Kevin would tell me about a place he sent his resume to.  What state it was in and asked me to pray about it...Michigan, North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana...etc.  With each state, I prayed and shared the information with my mom.  She would also begin to pray.  My mom would tell me things like, I don't know if this is it, I would miss you if you move, etc.

Then came the Colorado one.  My heart jumped.  That was clear across the country from my family.  We currently lived in Ohio.  I prayed, and as I prayed, my excitement about moving there increased, unlike the other places where my heart sank.  As I prayed, a peace about moving away from family came.

I told my mom.  She had a peace about me moving...she said it's the farthest place we've mentioned, yet this is the only place I feel more at peace about you moving to.

Soon it became clear that the company in Colorado was interested in Kevin, so much so that they were going to fly not only him, but also me out to Colorado for an interview.  We left "M" with my parents for the weekend and flew out to Colorado in July (shortly after his 1st birthday).

Within in a month, we were planning a move across country following where God was telling us we were to go.  There wasn't any family out there, we would be completely on our own.

Looking back at that period of time in our lives (we lived in Colorado for 2 years before Kevin got transferred to Minnesota).  We learned to lean on each other for support.  Our marriage was strengthened.  Our faith grew by Leaps and Bounds!  I did become a stay at home mom, so the transition was a huge one from not only across country, but to a place with no friends, no family and me staying home with our son.  It change me quite a bit.  From a shy person to more of an outgoing person.  When thrown in a situation like that, its either curl up and go into a shell and never meet anyone else or change and become the person God wants you to be.  I chose to follow God's leading.  Those are changes I couldn't have done on my own.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I know I have been a bit sporadic about Thankful Thursday, but today, I want to do a Thankful Thursday.

There are so many things that I am Thankful for...

A roof over my today's economy, there are so many people losing their home, I have a home, it may not be the house I've always dreamed of, but at least I have a roof over my head at night.

Heat...especially today.  It's 8 degrees (-2 degrees when you factor in the wind chill)'s cold.  I don't like the cold.  It's nice to have heat and blankets to be warm.

To be taken care husband does a wonderful job of taking care of us and providing for us.  I get to stay at home with my boys while he works hard to pay for all the bills.   By the Grace of God, he has a wonderful job!

For my hard as it was for me to accept the fact that I would never have a girl, I'm am ever so thankful that God has given me boys!  This comes from one who wasn't supposed to have any children to begin with.  I don't know what to do with girls...I have fully accepted being a mom of boys and no longer have the desire to have a girl.

For my friends...God has granted me some wonderful friends in my church and outside my church.  Each one of them are unique and have a way of making me see things in a different perspective.  They challenge me (in good ways) to change the bad things in me.  They set examples for me to follow.  They speak words of encouragement at times of need.  They are so wonderful!

Above all, for God in my life...because without Him, I am nothing.  Through Him I can accomplish so much more.  He challenges me to do things I would never do on my own.  He uses my weaknesses to accomplish things Great!

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Calling out a Leader

Around Christmas, I got a chance to meet with a friend of mine from church at the coffee shop.  He's the kind of guy that will challenge your faith, ask how he can encourage and pray for you during the week.  So, while we were drinking coffee, I began to share with him my worries about my dad and other family that I had concerns with, after all we were going to be spending time with family in a few short days for Christmas.

He asked me about my feelings with the ministries I was involved with in church, even suggested a ministry that I could begin that he thought I should pray about.   Our time was short, it was nice just chatting with a friend from church.

As the Christmas season went on, I began praying about what God wanted me to do.  I needed direction.  After much discussion with God, I have come to the clear conclusion that I should be more involved in VBS than what I had originally decided (on my own, mind you).  Last year, I ran VBS because the Children's Ministry Director had her baby a week or 2 before VBS.  So, since she was available this year, I decided I would take a back seat and just sort of "slide by" this year taking the easy way out, but still having the "I helped with VBS" under my belt.

I began getting this stirring in my heart about VBS again.  I talked it over with my wonderful husband who clearly told me "I told you last year, when I was praying, that you were going to be eventually taking it over."  I think when he said that, my mouth dropped.  It was like he had been listening in on the conversations I had with God.

I contacted the Children's Ministry director about my feelings and we had a meeting.  After telling her how I've been feeling that God wanted expected me to do more, and what I felt I should be doing, she told me that our VBS program was going to be moved into the Outreach sector of our church and she wasn't going to be running it.

God spoke to me again through the circumstances of life.  Confirmed what he was showing me in my quiet time.

So, here I am...the Director for the 2009 VBS!

There is also another ministry that I have been praying know, the one that my friend asked me to pray about?  Yeah, that one.  It's not VBS...all the VBS came while praying for the other ministry.  God and I are still discussing the other ministry.  The idease are there, a plan is forming in my head (slowly), but I'm no where ready to share the ministry.  I don't want to go where God isn't...I want a clear picture of what exactly the ministry is before I go forward with it.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 in Review

2008 has come and gone already.  It sure seemed to go by quickly...sometimes a little too quickly!


The year started out with me beginning to work on Power Lab VBS (Ah Ha!).  I was also homeschooling "M".  We were pretty on top of our schooling and things were going pretty smoothly at the time.  I was also beginning to work in the K-1 Sunday School class room at church.  That, wasn't going as smoothly as I had wished.


VBS started to consume my thoughts.  I was having dreams about not being ready, and just an overwhelming sense that I've bitten off more than I could chew.  AKA...I wasn't relying on God to help me, I was relying on my own strength to do it.

February also brought about "D" & "A"'s 3rd birthday as well as my 34th birthday.

"M" entered his first Science Fair and ended up with a Superior rating!  I was proud, but knew full well that if he had applied himself earlier in the month, but he decided to wait until the last minute to do it.  Then we hit a rough patch in our homeschooling...a bad one.  Causing me to question my ability to teach him not to mention my basic parenting skills.  But, through the Grace of God we got through it with help from some friends in our church.


March brought in a lot of sadness.  My grandmother's health began to fail drastically.  And a friend of mine lost her child in a horrible accident. My heart ached in ways I never knew it would.  Things in me shined though as well.  I didn't realize how "in tune" I was to other's sadness.  "M" had a meeting with the staff from his online school and things turned out so much better than I had originally anticipated.


In April, I took a blogging slipped behind and I had to push "M" to get as much done as possible a day!  Spring seemed to bring out the worst in his schooling abilities and slowly we fell behind.


I won this Word Press blog...I'm ever so grateful to Lisa for hosting the giveaway that allowed me to win! :D The final push to get VBS was upon us.  VBS was scheduled for the 2nd week of June.  My grandmother passed away that month as well.


VBS week came and went without too much problems.  Yes, there were a few bumps in the road, but overall things turned out GREAT!  I was elated that things went as well as they did and relieved that it was all over with as well.


We celebrated M's 11th birthday in July along with Kevin and I's 14th wedding anniversary.  In between those 2 events, we threw my mom and dad a 60th Birthday/40th Wedding Anniversary party.  We were very impressed that we were able to pull it off!  Mom and dad had only suspected that we were planning on all going out to eat together, not that we would have all of their friends and family at a hall waiting for their arrival!  We even got one of their friends from High School to travel from Chicago to Ohio to celebrate with them as well!

We also got to see Extreme Makeover Home Edition in our town.  My mother drove down the night before to stay overnight and we headed out to the new house to watch the bus move.  That is a day that was HOT, but I wouldn't have missed for the world.  To see something like that is a once in a lifetime thing.  "M" still claims to have High-Fived Ty!


We went for our 1 and only camping trip of the year.  We had so much fun, and would love to go back to the Michigan Dunes again.  Our church also had a Worship Night.  Something changed in me that night and I have been forever changed!


School started right after Labor Day!  We decided to send "M" back to public school since things weren't working out the best for us at home.  We are happy to report that he is doing wonderful in the public school!

We celebrated "N"'s 8th birthday in September.  We also found out that an eight year old child, when given $20 in cash and not watched very closely at the grocery store (because mom and dad were busy ringing/bagging groceries), will spend the whole $20 on lottery tickets!  And before you ask...YES it's illegal for him to purchase them, but when they have a "vending machine" of lottery tickets just sitting over by the bubble gum machines, it's just calling for a child to play with it!  And he only won $2!


In October, Kevin and I started going to a new Bible Study.  I was elated that Kevin wanted to go to one since he has never really showed any interest in going before.

We also walked, for the first time, in the JDRF Walk for a Cure for my Niece.  We were so proud of her, she ended up getting 2 for the amount of money raised and the other for the T-Shirt design!


We celebrated Kevin's 38th birthday.  How?  Well, I went to a Arbone party and he watched that's love!

We had our traditional weekend after Thanksgiving shopping adventure.  My parents' took "M", "N", "D", & "A" for the weekend (it ended up my parents had "D: & "A" and my sister had "M" & "N").  We always enjoy that weekend away from the boys.  It's nice to pretend we are childless...even if it's just for the weekend!  But we are always so excited when they return.


We spent most of the month either running from Christmas Program to Christmas Program or from Christmas to Christmas.  However this year it seemed to be a little less travel than usual.  We only spent 1 night up at my parent's house and we actually had Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at home for the first time in a long time!

For 2009, I'm sure there will be new things that God shows us along the way, new challenges to overcome and new friends to meet, but I trust that God will be joining us along this journey and we will rest in the knowledge of Him.