Monday, January 12, 2009

Calling out a Leader

Around Christmas, I got a chance to meet with a friend of mine from church at the coffee shop.  He's the kind of guy that will challenge your faith, ask how he can encourage and pray for you during the week.  So, while we were drinking coffee, I began to share with him my worries about my dad and other family that I had concerns with, after all we were going to be spending time with family in a few short days for Christmas.

He asked me about my feelings with the ministries I was involved with in church, even suggested a ministry that I could begin that he thought I should pray about.   Our time was short, it was nice just chatting with a friend from church.

As the Christmas season went on, I began praying about what God wanted me to do.  I needed direction.  After much discussion with God, I have come to the clear conclusion that I should be more involved in VBS than what I had originally decided (on my own, mind you).  Last year, I ran VBS because the Children's Ministry Director had her baby a week or 2 before VBS.  So, since she was available this year, I decided I would take a back seat and just sort of "slide by" this year taking the easy way out, but still having the "I helped with VBS" under my belt.

I began getting this stirring in my heart about VBS again.  I talked it over with my wonderful husband who clearly told me "I told you last year, when I was praying, that you were going to be eventually taking it over."  I think when he said that, my mouth dropped.  It was like he had been listening in on the conversations I had with God.

I contacted the Children's Ministry director about my feelings and we had a meeting.  After telling her how I've been feeling that God wanted expected me to do more, and what I felt I should be doing, she told me that our VBS program was going to be moved into the Outreach sector of our church and she wasn't going to be running it.

God spoke to me again through the circumstances of life.  Confirmed what he was showing me in my quiet time.

So, here I am...the Director for the 2009 VBS!

There is also another ministry that I have been praying know, the one that my friend asked me to pray about?  Yeah, that one.  It's not VBS...all the VBS came while praying for the other ministry.  God and I are still discussing the other ministry.  The idease are there, a plan is forming in my head (slowly), but I'm no where ready to share the ministry.  I don't want to go where God isn't...I want a clear picture of what exactly the ministry is before I go forward with it.

This is my first attempt to write for the More Of Him Monday.   If you would like to see more, feel free to stop by at Not a DIY Life...she's the host of More of Him Monday.

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