Monday, January 19, 2009

I will go where you lead me

I came home from work to Kevin and "M" playing in the living room.  It was a Friday in the Spring of 1998.  As with every Friday, Kevin picked "M" up from the babysitter on his way home from work.  He got home earlier than I did on Fridays and since the babysitter was on his way, he picked him up.

As I came in the door, Kevin tells me that someone else got laid off from work.  I voiced my concerns about him getting laid off.  He said it didn't look like it, but he thought it was time to get his resume together just in case.

That weekend we spent some time on the computer getting his resume putting his resume together and submitting it out to a few different places.

As I packed for our usual weekend up at my parent's house, we begain talking again about where we would like to be in a few years from now.  How we both would love it if I were a stay at home mom instead of a working mom.  We began praying that God would guide our steps.

As the weeks went by, Kevin would tell me about a place he sent his resume to.  What state it was in and asked me to pray about it...Michigan, North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana...etc.  With each state, I prayed and shared the information with my mom.  She would also begin to pray.  My mom would tell me things like, I don't know if this is it, I would miss you if you move, etc.

Then came the Colorado one.  My heart jumped.  That was clear across the country from my family.  We currently lived in Ohio.  I prayed, and as I prayed, my excitement about moving there increased, unlike the other places where my heart sank.  As I prayed, a peace about moving away from family came.

I told my mom.  She had a peace about me moving...she said it's the farthest place we've mentioned, yet this is the only place I feel more at peace about you moving to.

Soon it became clear that the company in Colorado was interested in Kevin, so much so that they were going to fly not only him, but also me out to Colorado for an interview.  We left "M" with my parents for the weekend and flew out to Colorado in July (shortly after his 1st birthday).

Within in a month, we were planning a move across country following where God was telling us we were to go.  There wasn't any family out there, we would be completely on our own.

Looking back at that period of time in our lives (we lived in Colorado for 2 years before Kevin got transferred to Minnesota).  We learned to lean on each other for support.  Our marriage was strengthened.  Our faith grew by Leaps and Bounds!  I did become a stay at home mom, so the transition was a huge one from not only across country, but to a place with no friends, no family and me staying home with our son.  It change me quite a bit.  From a shy person to more of an outgoing person.  When thrown in a situation like that, its either curl up and go into a shell and never meet anyone else or change and become the person God wants you to be.  I chose to follow God's leading.  Those are changes I couldn't have done on my own.

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