Saturday, April 25, 2009

Left Meijer seeing RED!!


Dear Meijer,

While at Meijer today, I was filling up the cups of pop for my family.  2 Employees were messing with the slushie machine...they filled a cup 1/2 full with RED slushie...when finished one of them (XXX.) threw the slushie into the trash causing the red slushie to fly into the air and land on my head and on my white shirt.  They left laughing about it...when I went to customer service to get my apology (which I shouldn't have had to ask for) I was given an attitude from this XXX saying "I'm sorry, I had no idea it happened", yet he was laughing and telling all his friends about it.

I talked to one of the managers at this store (XXXX, OH on XXXX) and another manager came up and listened in.  They said they would take care of it.

My only issue is HE NEVER SAID SORRY without me prompting him!  If he would have said sorry, it wouldn't have been an issue and I would have laughed it off.

This is a Customer Service Employee who did this.  If he can't even apologize for something he KNOWINGLY did wrong, how can this employee begin to help YOUR customers with their issues?  Is it not your store's policy to keep the customers Happy?  I left the pop area VERY UNHAPPY.

I am VERY Disappointed in the way this situation was handled.  My own children (ages 11, 8, 4 & 4) all kept saying that guy never said sorry and he should have.  How can a child know better than one of your Customer Service employees??  That's not right!

Saying sorry when you do something wrong could go a long way.  In this instance, you wouldn't have had to read this long his instance, he wouldn't have gotten into trouble with his manager.  In my instance, I wouldn't have been mad, would have even probably laughed with him about it!!

Yeah, I'm over it...and YES, it is we'll have to see if I can get the red slushie out of my white shirt!!

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