Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prayer Request

I am using my blog to ask my readers for prayer.  My dad's kidneys are getting worse.  The doctor called him today and told him they were moving forward with the Dialysis/Kidney Transplant route.

I have mentioned before how we are going to get a house so that if they have to move in during this process, we would have the room.  We did find a house, and are working on the contract part right now.

Please pray for the following...

  1. Dad to have strength through this process (I've been told that dialysis is very draining on a person, they are tired and sick a lot).
  2. Mom to be able to support my dad and get the information she needs.  She still works, so we are going to pray for her work situation during this too.
  3. That there will be a match for my dad in the family or a kidney to become available quickly so that my dad can get a transplant.
  4. God's peace throughout this whole process.
  5. Kevin and I's house situation to be completed if/when my parents move in with us.

Thank you all for your prayers...they mean a lot to us!

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