Monday, June 8, 2009

AWI Online Conferences

A Woman Inispired Online Conference: Ministry Online began today.  4 wonderful woman spoke today about different aspects of having an Online Ministry.  Karla Porter, Leigh Gray, Tracy Jackson, and Alyssa Advant.

First there was Karla Porter who talked about Social Media and your Ministry. She talked about how to use Social Media in your Ministry.  I already use some social media, however, I'm not using it to the potential that I could be using it.  I've got some work ahead of me to see what exactly I'm going to be using it for.

Followed by Leigh Gray on Spilling the Beans and the Motives attached.  The things she said in her talk that really struck me was being Honest and really knowing what my motives are behind each  blog I write.  Above all, prayer before writing...putting God at the forefront of what I write so that His Word comes forth and touches the lives of those that I am trying to reach.

After Leigh came Tracy Jackson on Mommytography.  Oh how I loved this talk!  If you've followed me for very long at all, you know it is my dream to one day open my own photography studio.  To sit and listen to someone talk about how to take was heaven to me!   Time to pull out that camera manual and read it again!  I don't know why I never thought about highlighting the manual, but what a great idea!  I tried to just read it and remember it...why?  I can use it as a reference each time I play around with my camera!

The final conference for the day was by Alyssa Advant on Finding Your Passion.  What great insight on how to find out what your passion, your destiny is!  How your passion is drawn from your personality and your gifts!

I learned so much today, I feel God teaching me things already about what I've heard.  I can't wait for the next 3 days of conferences!!

Schedule for the next 3 days...

Day 2, Amy Bayliss, Maria Reyes-McDavis, Dawn Camp, and Darcy will be speaking

Amy Bayliss will be speaking on Split Decisionz: How To Give Your Blog A Facelift

Maria Reyes-McDavis will be speaking on Biblical Principles for Social Media Success: A Complete Starter’s Guide to Marketing Your Business, Ministry, or Personal Brand

Dawn Camp will be speaking on Facebook: Inside & Out

Darcy will be speaking on Okay So I Have A Blog, Now What?

Day 3, Leah Adams, Mary Snyder, Kristen Schiffman, and Carrie McGinty

Leah Adams will be speaking on ‘I Did It My Way’ Is Never the Best Way!!

Mary Snyder will be speaking on Facebook Friends, Twitter Tweets, and Blogging Buddies: The Blessings of Online Friendships

Kristen Schiffman will be speaking on Embedding Excellence

Carrie McGinty will be speaking on Does Your website/blog reflect who you are? Does it catch your audiences’ attention?

And Day 4, Sara Martin, Genikwa Williams, and The Amies (Amy Bayliss and Amy Stults)

Sara Martin will be speaking on He Knows Your Words!

Genikwa Williams will be speaking on Touching Lives Online: The Power of Social Media to Minister

The Amies will be speaking on Starting Your Ministry From Scratch w/ Full Q&A

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