Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Reflections

First let me start by saying Happy Father's Day to all my daddy readers.

My husband is the most wonderful father in the world...besides my own dad! (I'm a bit biased, I know).

Today's service was such a beautiful service!  Worship was wonderful, I was able to worship with my oldest son.  What a great feeling.  He's learning still, but I see it starting to click (Worship, that is).

Speaking of my son, today was "Move Up Sunday" where all the kids move to the next grade level at church.  "M" goes from the Pre-teen (Grapple), to the Jr. High class (Rush, I think it's called)...and then starts KAOS (the Jr/Sr High youth group).  I don't remember him growing up like this, but I guess that's what happens...I mean, he will be 12 in a couple weeks!

Anyway, back to church.  After worship, we had a special doesn't happen too often, and when it does, the special music always seems to be so beautifully sang!  A gentleman of our church sang Steven Curtis Chapman's Cinderella.  I sat there and listened as tears sprang up in my was just so beautiful!

Then they played a was great, God's Love Letter, I wanted to share it with my readers...I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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