Friday, July 24, 2009

My Dad

I know a lot of you were able to keep up with what was going on with my dad via Facebook.  But then again, some of you probably are wondering.
My dad had open heart surgery on July 13, 2009...which happened to be my mom and dad's 41st wedding anniversary.  The doctors had to do a Triple Bypass surgery on his heart.  The surgery ended earlier than expected.
Due to dad's failing kidneys, gout, and diabetes, his recovery from heart surgery was slowed.  Dad is now at home recovering...still in some pain, but overall doing well.  They had to put him on dialysis as well.  So he is overly exhausted, but he is recovering.
In a few months (6 hopefully) dad will be placed back onto the kidney transplant list.
We pray daily for a kidney and have watched God walk beside my them both strength throughout this past couple of weeks.  Please join with me in prayer for them, for dad's continued healing, strength for both dad and for mom (to endure), and that a kidney would be available for my dad soon after he is back on the transplant list!

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