Sunday, August 16, 2009

VBS Finale'

Another year has come and gone with VBS.  At the VBS Finale' on Friday night, we had a total of 175 children and adults.
After our characters went through the closing ceremony, they handed out prizes for those children who brought a friend....we had so many prizes donated that every child who got their name into the drawing got something!
After the closing, they showed a video slide of all the photos taken at VBS.  It was great seeing all the things that have happened.  Once that was over, everyone filed out to get some ice cream before heading home!
After thinking over VBS, I think my favorite part of the whole program is when the children offered prayers.  Our music leader would ask for a volunteer child to come forward to pray for the whole group into a microphone.  The amount of children raising their hand was so neat to see.  These children were anxious about being the one chosen to come forward.  Yes, they were "fed" the prayer from the music leader, but the point of the whole thing is getting those children used to praying in front of a group of people and being comfortable.  It was just so touching to see them pray!
Today, I have sorted and put away items for this year's VBS.  Now onto the next task of finding a church willing to purchase/switch VBS programs so we have more room in our storage.  Our set was AWESOME, our decorating committee went above and beyond what Standard told us!
I'm currently compiling my list of things that worked and didn't work and those who have said they wanted to help out next year.  If God leads me to run VBS again, I will have a head start, however, if it is someone else God wants to lead it, then they would have the head start!!

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