Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are you making connections intentionally?

Are you purposely going out and connecting with people intentionally?
That was a question asked of us today in church (maybe not exactly, but very close).  I can honestly say, no, I'm not.  I should be, but I'm not.  I am a shy person by nature...I'm not nearly as shy as I once was, but overall I am...that is until I get to know you, then it's a whole new ballgame.
If I'm in a crowd of a lot of people where I don't know many people, I will stand near someone I may know, but not talk much, just listen.  I find it really hard to go out of my comfort zone and talk with people.  I am working on it...
How many times have you passed someone on the street and ignored them?  Or just didn't even pay attention to them because you were so focused on yourself.  I've done that a lot.  How many people have missed out on something because I wasn't open to talking to them or paying attention?  What if all God wanted me to do that day was say "hi" or smile at someone and I didn't do it because I thought it was very insignificant?  That "hi" or smile could have changed the mood of that person for the day.
What about people in your own family?  How often do they get ignored or missed by you because you are too busy doing things that really aren't important?
How many times has life gotten in the way of you calling up that friend you haven't heard from in a long time?  Or that church member that didn't attend church that Sunday?
Reaching out intentionally...Opening your eyes to those around you who may be hurting or just need a quiet little smile to change their life.
God wants us to reach out to the lost and hurting.  Speak into the lives of others to change their life.  How many times I've missed the opportunity to do that with so many people!

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