Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Match for God

Tonight I had a first hand glance at how God is using technology to minister to people.
Let me start by saying, my dad is in need of prayers.  As you know he's diabetic and is waiting for a kidney.  He recently has been dealing with circulation problems in his legs...the lack of circulation is starting to turn his leg/s black.  Please pray for him, he is scared that he my lose his legs.
I started with that prayer request because it's part of my story here.  I sent out an email to our prayernet at our church along with close friends that I know will pray for my dad.  One of the people I sent that request to is a dear friend of my parents.  Pastor K is a minister our whole family has sat under for about a year when the church we were attending was going through a transition from one pastor to another.  Pastor K, his wife A, and my parents became very close friends.  My parents even went with him to some of his revival services.
Distance now hinders them from seeing each other.  My parents living in Ohio and they live in Georgia.  I try keeping them connected through emails so that they know what's going on with my dad's health.
After sending out my prayer request last night, I woke up to an email from  Pastor K.  God had laid it upon his heart to contact a friend of his that he ministered with, who happened to be having revival meetings going on right now in Florida.  My parents also know Larry & Corrinne Silverman from those revival meetings that they went on with Pastor K and A.
Another email arrived from Pastor K shortly after that with a link to the online podcast that would be happening LIVE tonight.  I made it a point to log on when it started.  Once I got it all up and running, I made sure to introduce myself and let them know who I was and where I was from.  Shortly there after, Pastor K signed on for the same meeting.  I sat and watched as they started their worship time.  Larry chatted with me for a little while to let me know that they would be praying for my dad as soon as the worship time was over.  I immediately called my mom and dad to let them know what was going on (my parents have been having issues getting online, so they were unable to connect to the internet today).
After the worship was over, I was sure to turn up the speakers on my computer, put my mom and dad (who both happen to be on the line) on speaker phone so that my computer speakers would pick up fully.  And through all this technology, my dad was prayed for and felt God touch him...from Florida all the way to Ohio!
God doesn't allow something like distance to hinder His ministry.  Nothing is too big or too complicated for Him!
How awesome that God used technology to reach my dad!
Anyway, my dad goes in tomorrow morning to see his doctor about the circulation in his legs.  Please pray for healing for my dad.
Thank you!  And Praise God for all that He is doing in the lives of those in FL and in my dad!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Road to a Kidney

Things aren't progressing the way I would have thought.  I had always thought that my dad would be getting a kidney by Christmas...but the looks of that are slim.
Dad's cousin was going through the testing to see if she was a match to give him a kidney.  All the preliminary testing showed up as a match, putting her into more and more testing.  Well, on the heart testing, they found blockage with her heart.  That puts a huge kink in the plans for her to donate a kidney to my dad.  However, I look at this as a blessing in disguise!  Had my dad's cousin not been getting tests done for a kidney donation, I'm not sure they would have seen the blockage in her heart.
My dad has been having some swelling in his legs.  So he went in on Friday to see if they would be able to get a stint put into the legs to help with the flow of blood.  After being at the hospital for some time, they were unable to do anything about his legs.  He has a very high percentage (not sure the exact number, my mom had said something like 90%, but I'm not positive) of blockage in both legs.  With my dad being diabetic, this isn't good.  He goes back on the 29th to the doctor to see what their options are now to get it fixed.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed and frustrated.  I know my dad really wants a Yesterday...but for now he goes in to dialysis 3 times a week.  Dialysis is really taking a toll on my dad too.  He's usually extremely exhausted when he's done and there are days he's really sick from it as well.  I can only imagine what a number this is doing on my dad.  As for me, I feel bad...I feel helpless.  All I can do is pray, pray and pray some more.  I know God has my dad in his hands and He will give my dad a kidney when the time is right.  In the meantime, we learn to treasure each day.  Never missing a moment to tell my dad I love him and I care for him and I want him to do what's best.
If you are a follower of our journey, please continue to pray.  I am really trying to keep up here, but I know I've been slacking!