Friday, January 1, 2010

My year in review

I was reading Soliloquy's end of year review that she wrote and thought...I wrote something like this last year, I should do it again!  Thanks Soliloquy!
So...Let's begin, shall we?
I felt God's direction about Vacation Bible School.  It was the beginning of January that I realized that God had been calling me to be the director of VBS for 2009.  I had helped run it in 2008, but the call to lead was stronger than the year before.  So by the end of January, it was decided that I would be the director of VBS.
"D" and "A" turned 4 and I celebrated my 35th birthday.  There was that LONG gap of my internet time.  From the moment that we decided to drop the DSL line and get the Cable line...December through February!  WOW, I remember being so upset that it was taking so long and we would get the run around!
The stress of VBS was in full force.  My dad struggled with clots one big one that he had been hospitalized for that ran from his groin to his ankle.  I was so happy that he was able to get that taken care of and sent home.  Kevin and I started our online search for a house.  Our intentions were to get a house big enough that my parents could come and stay when a kidney would become available for my dad, since dad's Kidney doctor was down here by us.
I was so excited to be joining in on the A Woman Inspired online conferences!  My dad's kidneys were getting worse and the doctors were moving forward with getting dad ready for dialysis and his kidney transplant.
God began speaking to me about a ministry that my heart had desired to work with.  At the time (May) I didn't mention the ministry and I really hadn't mentioned it much since...things just recently came to pass.  I was speaking of the Ladies Ministry at our church.  God had began to open the doors for me to work with that ministry.   I also began writing about the Road to a Kidney and the feelings regarding my dad and a kidney transplant.
We were packing up our place and getting ready to move into our new home.  What an exciting time!
"M" turned 12.  We had a 4th of July party in our new home!  My dad had to have open heart surgery in July.  It was a triple bypass.  How hard that was to know that my dad going into this surgery would cause his kidneys, that weren't functioning properly, to completely stop working.  It was extremely hard for me to be there and see all those tubes he had when he came out of surgery.  At that moment, I had realized just how hard it was to watch my dad struggle and be in so much pain.
VBS month!  Wow, it was such a whirl-wind and a blur!  I was so happy when the week was over!  The day after VBS, however, I jumped right into working on the Women's Ministry Retreat.
"N" turned 9!  We had the Women's Retreat and I had so much fun!  I enjoyed every minute of getting all the things together as well as participating.  I started my research on 2010 VBS's...I was overwhelmed again.  While praying for which program to run the next year, I felt God telling me my time as the director was over.  I was actually very relieved at that, but decided to pray more to be sure it just wasn't my will.
An amazing month.  How I realized that distance doesn't matter when God is involved and how God was using technology to minister to someone first hand!  My dad's feet had began to turn purple from lack of circulation.  I had mentioned it to a pastor/friend who had mentioned it to a pastor/friend of his who just happened to be having revival services at his church...streaming online!  So I was able to get online with Larry Silverman's church (who, by the way are STILL in revival and stream their services online) and hear them pray for my dad while having my cell phone up to the speakers of my computer so my parents (who were on the phone) could hear the prayers for my dad.
Unfortunately, my father passed away at the beginning of November.  It was very hard to watch him die.  My heart was split from being happy that he was no longer in pain to being sad that he was no longer with us.  I still struggle with this!   Kevin celebrated his birthday, it wasn't much of a celebration time (sorry honey!) since it fell between my dad's viewing and his funeral.
Our first Christmas without my dad had it's moments, but we all had a pretty good time.  We celebrated this Christmas by having my mom spend Christmas Eve/Christmas Day with us.
As an overview, the beginning of 2009 was really great, the ending, too many deaths in the family!
I am looking forward to a new year!  Happy 2010!!

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