Sunday, January 10, 2010

Women's Ministry

I was asked to be on the Women's Ministry Leadership Team a couple months ago.  I was so excited to become involved in helping Women get connected with each strengthen the bond of friendship in our church.
Friday was our first meeting of the New Year.  The title of the meeting was "Have a Soup-er New Year".  It was a Soup dinner...there were lots and lots of yummy soups and breads and desserts!  We talked about Friendship and did a devotional called A Recipe for Friendship.  Then we spent some time doing a few "get to know you" type of mixer games.
One of the first things we had the women do as they entered was write something unique about themselves on a slip of paper along with their name and put it into a basket (folded of course).  We used these as a transitional type of thing.  One of the leaders read a couple of the slips of paper (one at a time) and everyone would just throw out names trying to guess who it was!  It's funny the things you get to know about other people...and who knew one of my friends from church had the same talent as I do...zyxwv... :)
We also went around the room and told our names, a little about ourselves (how many kids, how long you've been attending the church, the city you live in, etc.), along with a "Truth or Lie".  We had to come up with a statement that everyone would guess would either be a truth or lie.  I now know those women who really can't lie.
However, I think the best game, by far, was another get to know you type of game we did.  We all got into a circle, the first person would take a small stuffed animal and throw it to someone while saying their name.  Then that person would throw the animal to another person saying their name.  As that animal went through a couple people, the first person would grab the next animal and throw it to the same person.  One rule about the game is that you ALWAYS throw it to the same person and you ALWAYS receive it from the same person.  Just imagine a circle about 25 women large and 6 stuffed animals flying through the air and people yelling each other's names.  It had us all laughing...mine (and a few others) stomach hurt from laughing so hard!
We are also starting a Secret Sister program in the church.  We are hoping to get all the women in our church involved in this.  Each member fills out a form, then they will be matched up with another member that you will pray for, send encouraging notes to (using a designated return address of one member who has graciously agreed to helping), and gifts.  We will be revealing at our Women's Retreat (May 7-8), or that weekend for those who are unable to attend.
Next month, we will be doing a Service Project.  We are making those No-Sew fleece blankets and giving them to one of our local ministries.  So, if you are planning on attending, please remember to bring your 1 1/2 yard or 2 1/2 yard fleece.  If you are making a double layer one, please remember you need 2 pieces of fleece the same size (one solid color and one print that match each other)
I hope and pray that all the Women in our church will be blessed by our Monthly Meetings which are the 2nd Friday of each month with the exception of April (Spring Break) and May (Retreat).

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