Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

When I was an Avon representative, I would have my boys drive my route with me.  As a treat for the boys, I would take them to get them something to drink.  They loved it, especially on a hot day of running up to the doors of all the houses to hang the books on the knobs.
On this particular day, we decided to go to Caribou to get drinks (I'm sure mommy didn't have any influence on that decision because I'm not addicted to Caribou Coffee or anything).
We get to the drive-thru and there are a couple people in line ahead of us.  And like any other trip to Caribou, I ask each of the 4 boys what they would like to drink.  We order our drinks (all 5 of them) and I dig out my money.  Once the gentleman in front of me pulls away, I proceed to the window.
The worker pops her head out of the window and asks if I would like to buy a bag of coffee.  I look at her a bit puzzled...they never ask that when you get to the window.  She proceeds to explain...
"That gentleman that was ahead of you just paid for all your drinks, so you don't have a total.  So would you like to buy a bag of our coffee?"
SHOCKED!  I decided that since I have an obsession with like Caribou's Coffee, that I would go ahead and purchase a bag of coffee...because, well, that coffee was a lot less than it would have been to buy 5 drinks.
What a great thing Random Acts of Kindness are!  Have you had someone do something nice for you?  Have you done a random act of kindness to someone else?