Friday, March 26, 2010

I was only 16...Part 2

You can read Part 1 Here
As the ENT assessed me, he asked me if I felt any pain.  My answer...Nope.  They had to pry the door open and climb into the back seat of my car to get me onto a stretcher.  That question about answer changed as soon as they started moving me!!  Oh yeah, I probably should mention that as they were getting me out of the car...this is when I realized that my leg was broken.  My right knee had hit the dashboard and the side of my leg had hit the gear shift, breaking my femur on my right leg. I also noticed that the steering wheel had been snapped in half too and my head had hit the windshield.
They loaded me onto the ambulance and they also loaded the guy that hit me onto the same ambulance...again...small town, only 1 ambulance.  Off we go to the hospital.  While in the ambulance, I started getting those cold chills...(shock) I was loaded up with blankets.  But the more I shivered, the more my leg hurt.
Once we got to the hospital, the drama started!  Most of which I found out AFTER the fact.  The man that hit me told the staff that I was his daughter and he wanted to know how I was.  What threw a wrench into that was my parents showed up asking about me.  As all that got figured out, the doctor started in with the x-rays and the nurses came in trying to keep me calm.
From my bed, I could see the light window thing that they show the x-ray films on (I have no clue what that's called) and could see that my femur was broken.  My parents were told that I would have to have surgery first thing in the morning and their choice was to put a rod into my leg or to put me into a full body cast (which I would have to relearn how to walk).  They chose the rod.
The next thing I can remember is being upstairs in a room with many doctors and nurses standing around my bed and this traction machine over my head.  Yep...time to put me into traction.  I know I had mentioned earlier that my head hit the windshield...yep, that threw a kink into the traction...They started pumping the morphine into my IV as they started putting the traction in.  Do you know that pain medicine takes a little while to work?  Yep...I felt them put the traction in!  Apparently, my parents were on the 1st floor while they had me on the 3rd floor.  They didn't want them up there until the traction was finished.
After all that, it was time for me to relax (as much as you can in traction) would be the next day!
Morning of surgery...I don't remember much.  I can remember being in the operation room and counting, then waking up back in my room.  Not much excitement...except the traction was gone and now I had a long incision on my right hip where the rod went into my leg. They noticed that my hand was swelling, so they brought the x-ray machine up to see if there were any broken bones in my left hand.  Thankfully there weren't, however they did fit me with a brace so I could use crutches.  There was also a lot of other trauma in other places...long story short on that, the doctors told me (and my parents) that I may never be able to have children.  As part of therapy, they put me in a machine that automatically bent my leg...I didn't do anything!  A day after surgery, I was up on crutches...I had to be taught how to use them.  I didn't get the whole stairs thing very easily.  I went home and was out of school for about a month.
To be continued...

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